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1What I need to become your client?
You need your time, a few minutes and nothing more. We will guide you through the process and reveal all the facts and points you may need.
2How fast internet you can offer to me?
At the moment we are offering 240 Mbps as the download speed. This part of the internet connection is responsible for opening the sites, playing videos and etc. To upload content we offer 22o Mbps internet speed.
3Are you accepting businesses?
Yes, and we have been working on new and fresh deals suitable for small and large businesses. Anything you want, we have already ready for you. Be free to contact us or send a quick message to our always-on support agent.
4Do you have TV services?
Yes, and we have the best offers in the world. Our TV offers include various packages such as family, student, business, wait for room and so much more. You can even create a unique package suitable for your particular needs.
5Which smartphone I can get?
We always have the latest and the most expected smartphones available. You can browse the section or contact us via email to get all the specifics.
6Do you offer cross-continent services?
Yes, and we have been working on improving them to the next level. Currently, our services of this kind support North America, Europe and Asia. We will soon add Australia and Africa.
7Are there promotions for regular clients?
Yes, always. We will always offer you the best promotions and major discounts if you have been cooperating with us for some time. The longer you cooperate with us, the more promotions and better capabilities you will be able to use.